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Animal Shelter Děčín


Welcome to the Abandoned and Stray Animal Shelter of Decín City. We hope you will adopt a new animal friend here, who can spend the rest of its life with you.

The shelterfirst opened in 2000 and was built for nearly 4 million Czech crowns.  It takes care of animals, not only of those found in the Decin city area, but also those from 46 neighbouring communities.  Our dogs and cats that are free for adoption can be found respectively on the internet pages on„Psi k adopci“ and „Kočky k adopci“. Animals who have already found a home are shown on the  „Našli domov“ page. The„Napsali nám noví majitelé“ page will cheer you with notes and photos from their new owners. Here in the gallery you can also see the condition in which some animals enter our shelter.

Currently we have a service building, an info and advisory center and two storerooms at our disposal. For dogs' accommodation, there are 33 spacious outdoor stalls with heat-insulated hutches. One of the outdoor stalls, with a natural run, is adapted for cats. The service building contains two obstetric rooms which also serve as postoperative recovery-space, four cat stalls, a veterinary ambulance, a food preparation room, offices and two small storerooms. Two large, fenced-in runs are used for physical and educative exercises (re-education, character testing). The practice area and back yard was opened in Summer 2008, and is used not only by the shelter's staff, but also by the general public of dog owners. Basic duty education courses are held here. The back yard for rescued or confiscated mistreated livestock was finished in December 2008. Two large fenced areas and a roomy twin-stall are also available.

The shelter serves as temporary lodging for animals who have been found, mistreated and/or confiscated from, or given up for adoption by their owners. Besides Decin city, we also serve neighboring communities and villages. We also board animals with problem behaviour, which are being re-educated.

So far 7000 animals have passed through the shelter during its operation, many of which have found new homes; moreover many of them were successfully returned to their owners, thanks to excellently worked-out photographic and computer evidence and chip-marking. The service, including catching, is done by four handlers who have completed special training. Catching goes on continuously, supported by special instruments and a van equipped with a strong transport twin-hutch. The shelter's work involves catching of any animal species.

Our job includes not only care of animals in distress, but also education and promotion. 


We have held meetings in nurseries and primary and special schools since 2003, teaching children how to behave toward their animal friends, how to care for them, and how to act when encountering a strange dog. We tell them about the shelter and our job, taking some of our pets with us, whenever that is possible. We aim to contribute to the education of the generation which will breed and attend to pets, hopefully contributing to limitation of accidental injuries caused by animals. We also advise the public and give educational workshops for shelter operators and other audiences. We attend exhibitions and gatherings in the region and beyond. We organize shelter meetings for adults and scholars who visit us regularly, not forgetting to bring some tidbits to our doggies. Other meetings are held in schools and retirees' clubs.

We love our mission and aim to give our animal clients maximum care during the time they have to be with us, before finding their new home. We definitely do not emphasize getting rid of them at any cost! We pay visits to adopters, and aim to be in continuous contact with them. Many of us regularly visit them over a few years.

We give the animals for adoption for free. However, if you decide to make a sponsor-donation, we guarantee that every donation will be used directly for the benefit of the animals.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from our shelter, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Dana Bočková (coracos@seznam.cz).